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SponsorSwitch is a new service for sponsored health and care staff in the UK to find a new sponsored role.

We match you with  an employer who can treat you the way you deserve to be treated and support you through the switching process.  It is completely free.

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Get interviewed by leading national care providers who can sponsor you

Thank you for bringing your talent to Britain. Let's find you a great role.

Transfer your sponsorship fast

Tell us a bit about you and our technology will match you with one of our employer partners looking for great people just like you. We'll arrange interviews on your behalf and support you throughout the switching process.

Find a New Sponsor

We'll guide you every step of the way

Our software helps you make accurate Home Office submissions and proactively alerts you when you're at risk of not meeting your sponsorship obligations so you can benefit from international recruitment without the normal risk.

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Get interviews within 48 hours
Use our handy app to apply for your visa
24/7 support from our expert team
You never pay us anything
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We helped Tendai, and we can help you too

If you've not been through a sponsor license before, don't worry - we have! Multiple times. We'll help you make sure you tick all the right boxes and get a priority license asap.

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You are in demand. Let employers come to you.

Our in-house immigration advisers are on hand to support with the things that can't be fully automated, because when you're dealing with sponsorship there's always a human touch.

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Access great benefits to make your salary go further

All care workers hired through SponsorSwitch will get access to fuel and grocery discounts, free access to on-demand mental health support & GP appointments, and much more. We want you to find a role that really works for you.

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