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Find sponsored staff in the UK who are not getting the hours or respect that you could give them.

We manage all compliance, housing, cars and support and even cover your Home Office costs so it really is straightforward to grow your business with incredible staff.

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Trusted by leading national care providers

The only people who do all the hard work for you.

Only candidates that meet your needs

Our automated screening system uses AI to screen thousands of candidates to find the perfect hires for you. We've assessed over 20,000 candidates in the last year alone, and we're the only platform that doesn't charge you for access to candidate profiles.

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We help you get your sponsor license

If you've not been through a sponsor license before, don't worry - we have! Multiple times. We'll help you make sure you tick all the right boxes and get a priority license asap.

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Full relocation support for candidates

Whether a candidate is coming from overseas or elsewhere in the UK, we'll take the operational burden of ensuring their relocation is smooth. Everything is done through an intuitive mobile app, and we'll make sure they book the best flights, source reliable cars, get set up with a bank account and find the best accommodation - advocating to landlords on their behalf if necessary.

Flight support
Accommodation search
Landlord negotiations
Car sourcing
Bank account set up
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We make it easy to meet your Home Office requirements

Our software helps you make accurate Home Office submissions and proactively alerts you when you're at risk of not meeting your sponsorship obligations so you can benefit from international recruitment without the normal risk.

Sponsor Management System support
Working hours tracking
Compliance alerts
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Support from our expert team whenever you need it

Our in-house immigration advisers are on hand to support with the things that can't be fully automated, because when you're dealing with sponsorship there's always a human touch.

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Sponsor license application
New CoS applications
Ongoing compliance

Retention benefits to make sure your staff stay

We have a retention benefit package that means any care workers you hire through us will automatically get access to fuel and grocery discounts, free access to on-demand mental health support & GP appointments, and much more. We want them to stay for the long term as much as you do.

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Transform your organisation with cost-effective, fully-managed sponsored recruitment

Sponsored recruitment is hard because it places a huge operational burden on you when you already have your hands full running a great care service. Let us handle the end-to-end process for you, so you can focus on caring rather than building an accidental recruitment business.

Never have to turn down work ever again

We know it's difficult to staff your teams domestically. Sponsored talent allows you to take on contracts you'd otherwise turn down.

Hire people with flexible working hours

Many sponsored workers don't have the same limitations in working hours that domestic staff can have (like school runs).

Find incredible staff who stay for years

The right sponsored workers want to stay with you for years and work incredibly hard to raise your standard of care.

Automate 90% of your compliance with supportive software

Our mobile and web apps help you and your candidates meet all CQC and Home Office compliance obligations with ease.

Outsource all of your housing & car operations

We don't believe you should have to deal with the operations around sourcing cars and housing, so we do that for you!

Develop a high-potential leadership pipeline

Many sponsored workers have leadership experience in their home country, and are keen to progress their career in the UK.

How it works

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2. View Profiles

View detailed profiles with videos and voice notes, so you can get a sense of a candidate's language skills, personality and character traits.

3. Book Interviews

If you love someone, book an interview straight from the platform. If it's a "yes", we'll help you get your sponsor license and onboard your first hires.


Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

“We are delighted to partner with Lifted Talent and the Home Care Association to launch SponsorSwitch. Exceptional CareGivers are vital to the support we offer people. Pleasingly we have welcomed 20 CareGivers via the Sponsorship route into our network and look forward to welcoming many more.”

“Our work with SponsorSwitch has made substantial contribution to our growth. We've accelerated our ability to meet commercial goals, grown revenue rapidly and the staff we've recruited have driven up profitability. The team are extremely responsive to challenges and have gone above and beyond to ensure our success. We look forward to a long partnership together!”

“I hadn’t considered employing Skilled Workers because I didn’t have the capacity to deal with the process. To find that Lifted Talent handles everything for us was a revelation. The team is highly responsive and the service is excellent and hugely important for us. There is of course an ongoing cost but this is a complete gamechanger for my business so I see it as great value for money!”

Our Story

By the care sector, for the care sector.

SponsorSwitch was born out of our experiences building Lifted, a national provider of domiciliary and live-in care, because we saw first hand the challenges trying to run a business without the huge benefits sponsored recruitment offers.

Getting sponsored recruitment right requires industry insiders

Given the ethical, financial and clinical risks that can trip you up if sponsored recruitment is not done perfectly, you deserve nothing less than a talent partner that is 110% committed to upholding the highest possible standards, operating with professionalism & integrity and putting customer experience above profits.

We are that team, from our founders who have years of experience in the care sector to our Ops team who often end up answering care worker queries around the clock because they care deeply about every single candidate having a great experience. The sector comes first, profits come second.

Our mission is to solve the carer crisis, one person at a time

We've been working towards this same mission for 5 years, even before we had technology that helps with sponsored recruitment. The end goal hasn't changed, just the way we achieve it. We're here for the long term, and nothing will change that.

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